Malte have something left!

Corona turns our everyday life upside down. The new challenges make it easy to forget that the crisis affects people all over the world. Especially those who have less than us. While we live in abundance, others lack what is most needed. Time to give something back. Time to show: #IHaveSomethingLeft.

To participate, all you have to do is look for an item you have over. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rusty road bike, a dusty hat or a broken watering can. As long as you are willing to donate the equivalent to #LeaveNoOneBehind.

If you have something left, then follow these steps:

  1. Hold your object over your head
  2. Post a photo of it with #IHaveSomethingLeft and #LeaveNoOneBehind on your social channels
  3. Donate the equivalent value to #LeaveNoOneBehind or another charitable initiatives
  4. Nominate three friends, who surely also have something over


And then what do I do with the object I have left?

If you don’t need your old toaster anymore, why don’t you sell it over the Internet? Then someone else can get a bargain and be happy. And you’ll act sustainable and help the environment.

If I donate on the LeaveNoOneBehind website, who will benefit from the money exactly?

The money will be used for the #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign and will benefit local aid organisations at the external borders.

Where does the money of Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue go to?

The Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue collects and administers donations that benefit civil sea rescue in the Mediterranean. In addition to supporting operational sea rescue organisations, this includes legal costs in cases of criminalisation of flight, migration and escape assistance in the context of the flight across the Mediterranean. At the moment, special support is being given to initiatives that provide emergency (medical) aid on the Greek islands.

Do I have to hold something left to me?

No. You can also donate just like that. Or sing something or tell a joke. The main thing is that you nominate other people.

Does my donation need to be equivalent to the stuff I have left?

No. Donate as much as you like. It’s just an idea of what you might want to be inspired by.

Can I just donate 10.000€?


Can I just donate and do nothing else?

Sure. But creating attention is at least as important. Go get creative, we’ll appreciate it!

Can I deduct my donation from tax?

Yes, donations to charitable organizations are easily tax deductible. In Germany, for donations under 200€, a simple proof of donation such as your bank statement is sufficient for the tax office. For donations over 200€ you will receive a donation receipt.

I think it’s a great idea, but unfortunately I really don’t have time right now. Can I do it tomorrow?

Wonderful that you think it’s a great idea! Experience shows that the probability of success is highest if you take a minute right now and participate, then you don’t have to think about it tomorrow 😉

Show and share solidarity!