Friendly Distancing

Our fundraising campaign was chosen to benefit from a joint action of Betterplace and the German charity stream Friendly Fire today. Friendly Fire is an association of German-speaking YouTubers and Streamers, who will go live for charitable purposes on Twitch today from 6 pm. With them are Gronkhh, MikkelMachts, Pandorya, royalphunk and many more. Besides the joy about the appreciation, we were asked technical question(s). “What is Twitch?”, “What can a charity stream do?” “And who are all these people?” So we did what we always do, shimmyed along what we know, to ride the wave from there. It turns out that personal contacts already exist between at least three of the twelve beneficiary groups and initiatives. And that is when we realized:

Together we are stronger.

We are in the midst of one of the biggest crises we have ever faced as societies. The long-term consequences of the pandemic are not yet all foreseeable, but already now each of us is feeling the far-reaching effects such as the restrictions on our fundamental rights and well-being. We all know that something will change – something must change. With solidarity and cohesion, we can take the crisis as an opportunity to reflect on what kind of world we live and want to live in.

Right now we must not forget those who are unable to sit out the pandemic at home and protect their lives and those of their loved ones, who simply cannot do physical distancing and hand washing. Fugitives, people in crisis areas, people without homes or access to adequate running water and sanitation, people affected by domestic violence, the mentally ill, people with little or no income and people without papers. They are all hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic. Our mission can only be to find common solutions and to take responsibility for all.

As initiatives we have been working collectively and across borders for years to make the world a better place for everyone. Even though the current crisis presents us with considerable challenges, it is especially important now not to retreat and wait and see, but to continue to fight together and in solidarity for a fairer world. Because things simply cannot go on as they are. The capitalist economic system will not solve the virus crisis by itself, nor, by the way, the housing crisis, the climate crisis and the human rights crisis, and it is time to learn from these mistakes. That’s why it depends on every single one of us.

Through your support and commitment, we can continue to work with boundless solidarity with those who otherwise cannot make themselves heard. #FriendlyDistancing means for us to take care of each other right now, to learn from each other and to be there for each other and to change our society sustainably today and in the future. With your help and with you we can do this. Because together we are stronger.

We thank you for your time, your hearing, your commitment and your donations! We would also like to thank the team of #Friendly Distancing and for the great action! We also thank the other 9 supported organisations for their work! Namely: Full bowls during the Corona crisis, Corona Nothilfe weltweit | Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Corona Soforthilfe für Homeless/Wohnungslose – Leipzig, bicycles for pandemic preparedness, JugendNotmail – online counselling for young people in mental distress, maintaining the existence of the parental home for children with cancer, Corona Nothilfe für Bedürftige in Berlin #GemeinamHoffnungSpenden, street donations for homeless people during Corona, food packages for the Ark children and their families.

We would like to express our sincere condolences to all those who have lost a person to the pandemic and hope that you find strength in these difficult times.

Solidary greetings, Cadus, #LeaveNoOneBehind and Gängeviertel

Schreib deinen Bundestagsabgeordneten: Evakuiert die griechischen Inseln jetzt!

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Hintergrund: Über 40.000 Menschen befinden sich momentan in Flüchtlingslagern auf den griechischen Inseln, 20.000 allein im Camp Moria, obwohl dort nur Platz für 3.000 Menschen ist. Während es uns in Deutschland gelingt, soziale Kontakte zu minimieren und Hygienevorschriften einzuhalten, um somit die exponentielle Verbreitung des Virus erfolgreich zu verlangsamen, haben die Menschen in den Camps weder vollständigen Zugang zu fließend Wasser, noch die Möglichkeit sich vor einer Infektion zu schützen oder auf medizinische Infrastruktur zurückzugreifen – und das lässt sich in den Lagern vor Ort auch nicht lösen. Wenn Entscheidungsträger*innen nicht schnell handeln, wird das Virus dort wüten und töten. Die Bundesregierung hat die Möglichkeiten, die Katastrophe zu verhindern.

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Instigate Evacuation Now!

What can you do?

20.000 Refugees in Camp Moria are facing a corona desaster. We have to evacuate them now!

  1. Download the following note in the language of your choice
  2. Hang it in your hallway, at traffic lights, in supermarkets or wherever else you pass!
  3. Take care of your health and the health of others.

Join us in the Action – #LeaveaLightOn!

Start: 20. March 2020 – 7:30 pm

The coronavirus poses profound challenges for all of us. We can’t have much social contact, and we’re anxious about what the future will look like for us and our loved ones.  But there are people who have no home in which to take shelter; no place where they can feel safe and looked after, no heating, not even a proper bed. We want to bring everybody’s attention to those people. This is why we say: #LeaveALightOn #LeaveNoOneBehind!

Each one of you can contribute and show your solidarity with those who are in need. With thousands of candles in our windows, we want to show that there are many who have a long road ahead on their search for safety. Each candle is a small lighthouse, leading their way.

What do we do? 
Put a candle in your window, light it, take a picture and put it online starting tonight, 20 March 2020 at 7:30 pm. If you want to, write something about why you are doing this and who you are doing it for. Use the hashtags #LeaveALightOn and #LeaveNoOneBehind 

Ideas for the text? 
What you write is up to you. Perhaps think of the situation the people are in, the state of healthcare, the crowded tents. Remember that even as European Governments are outlawing public gatherings, they are forcing thousands of people to live on top of each other in overcrowded camps. If those spaces are not evacuated now, thousands will die. 

What is the timeframe?
Any evening over the weekend (March 20th, 21st & 22nd). There will be another action during the next few days, we will let you know! 

Our Message: 
The virus does not differentiate according to skin colour, religion or gender. The coronavirus affects us all. Therefore, we want to face this challenge together so that we can overcome this crisis while also upholding our values. In view of the challenge we face, we need many signs of solidarity. Narrow-mindedness and egoism cannot be allowed to prevail. The coronavirus will especially hit those who already have difficulties. This includes the refugees at our external borders, the homeless, the elderly and the sick. The corona-crisis might distract us from the suffering of those seeking protection, but violence and humanitarian disaster continue. That’s why it’s important to stick together, now more than ever. For Europe to confront this pandemic in unity, overcrowded refugee camps must be evacuated quickly. Currently, on Lesbos’s Moria Camp alone, there are over 20,000 people living in facilities built to accommodate only 3,000. Quarantine, hand-washing or social-distancing are essential at this moment, but if you live in Moria, none of this is possible. These people are threatened with infection, faced with a lack of humanitarian care, and left to their fate. If the virus breaks out in such a camp, it will be almost impossible to stop it from spreading.

Any failure to act now will make us jointly responsible for the catastrophe that threatens people in need. We will leave no one behind. This is a challenge that we are encountering all together.”

Kind regards!

Your #LeaveNoOneBehind – Team 

PS: If you have any ideas, let us know!

Thank you for your support! 
We are amazed by the number of people who signed our petition. We have no intention of stopping now. Over the coming days, we want to harness more attention by taking action together with all of you. Participate and spread the word to your friends and family. We’re happy about every picture, every like and every tweet that helps spread our message!