In the next days we will restart our campaign to push for a solution to the unsustainable situation and increase the political pressure. Please use the opportunity to register in the telegramchannel and donate for emergency aid. Never again Moria. #LeaveNoOneBehind

A catastrophe with announcement - Never again Moria

For years, aid organizations have warned of such a catastrophe at the external borders. It is the consequence of a policy that degrades people instead of protecting their dignity. The fire catastrophe of Moria must not be a warning shot, it must be the reason to end the policy of deterrence. Now we must act quickly - this must not be repeated.

To act means in particular:

  • There must be no more overcrowded camps at the external borders
  • Lesbos disaster survivors need immediate and dignified shelter
  • Accommodation should be provided in the short term by cruise ships, which could provide sufficient capacity for the 27,000 people living in the Greek islands tomorrow
  • As soon as possible, EU member states must make use of the existing willingness of cities, municipalities and federal states to help
  • Every single EU State must act now without waiting for others

Here is what you can do now:

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